Kerala Lottery Results Bhagyamithra 2020 Monthly Lottery Result

Kerala Lottery Results Bhagyamithra 2020: Check Bhagyamithra 2020 Monthly Lottery Result, Kerala Bhagyamithra Lottery Result Complete details here.

Kerala Lottery Results Bhagyamithra 2020

Kerala Lottery Results Bhagyamithra 2020

Kerala state lotteries launched a new Lottery ticket named as Bhagyamithra 2020. This is the first monthly lottery ticket in Kerala state lottery department.

The sale of Bhagyamithra lottery starts from October 10, 2020.

The specialty of this lottery ticket is the prize structure and the drawn list. Ongoing all kerala lottery ticket have one first prize. But in Kerala Lottery Result Bhagyamithra the first prize goes to five persons.

This is the first time kerala lottery that having multiple first prize awarded by the department.

Kerala Lottery Results Bhagyamithra 2020

1st Prize Rs. 5 Crore

Total 5 Winners (1 Core for each person)


Consolation Prize Rs. 25,000


2nd Prize Rs. 10 Lakhs


3rd Prize Rs. 16 Lakhs

Total 8 Winners (2 Lakhs for each person)


4th Prize Rs. 5000


5th Prize Rs. 2000


6th Prize Rs. 1000


7th Prize Rs. 500


8th Prize Rs. 300

Kerala Bhagyamithra 2020 Complete Details

The Bhagyamithra 2020 Lottery ticket prize is Rs.100. The Kerala Bhagyamithra Lottery Result is drawn on first sunday of every month.

The first drawn of this monthly lottery is held on 1st November 2020.This is the good news for all kerala lottery participants that encourage them to buy the lottery.

Kerala Lottery Bhagyamithra 2020 Prize details

The first prize of this lottery ticket is 1 crore for each person. i.e A total of 5 crore will be allotted for first prize. The second prize is 10 Lakh is given to 1 person.

The third prize is 16 Lakh is given to 8 person with 2 Lakh for each person.

The fourth prize is Rs. 5000, the fifth prize is Rs. 2000, the sixth prize is Rs. 1000, the seventh prize is Rs. 500 and the eighth prize is Rs. 300 respectively. In addition, another specialty of Bhagyamithra Lottery is that the consolation prize amount of Rs. 25,000 is given to 35 person.

Kerala Lottery Result Today

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How to Check Kerala Lottery Result Today Online

All the participants who bought the Kerala Lotteries are requested to check their results through its official website

Here we list out the simple steps to check their Kerala Lottery Result Today draw list.

1. Go to the Kerala lotteries website

2. Click the link -> Lottery Results on the center of the page.

3. In the Latest Lottery Drawn Results Page, Find your desired Lottery and draw date (For e.g. Karunya Plus WEEKLY LOTTERY (KN 333) and Draw Date – 10/9/2020)

4. Click the Today Kerala Lottery Result Karunya Plus Lottery Result link and it will open in a new window (in a PDF format).

5. Finally check your lucky lottery number and claim it.

Kerala State Lotteries is the most popular lottery programme run by govt. of Kerala. The main objective of this lottery draw is to provide job opportunities to the people and attain the government finance. The Kerala state lottery has seven different types of lottery and it draw everyday in a week.

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FAQ  – Kerala Bhagyamithra Monthly Lottery Result 2020

1. What is the specialty of Kerala Monthly Lottery Result?

The prize structure of Bhagyamithra 2020 Lottery ticket. The first prize is drawn by to 5 person (1 crore each). The third prize is 16 Lakhs (given to 8 persons).

2. How much Kerala lottery Tax deduction for Lottery Prizes?

Kerala lottery tax deduction 30 % and agent commission 10%.

3. How to with draw prize Kerala lottery money below Rs.5000?

They can get their prize money from any lottery shop in Kerala.

 4. How to with draw prize Kerala lottery money above Rs.5000?

They must surrender their tickets before the bank or government lottery office with id proofs.

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